We provide different kind of activities besides teaching; eco-adventure, recreational and cultural activities. We believe that the volunteers should get a good impression of the Thai and Isan culture and customs, so with these activities we let them interact with the local community. The locals are always very happy to help us out and teach the volunteers more about their beautiful and rich culture.

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Rocket Festival

• learning about the local culture and visiting/participating in local parades
• visiting wats (temples) in the Isan region
• learning Thai and Isan language
• Thai and Isan cooking classes
• learning about and collecting wild herbs, food and spices for cooking
• rice and vegetable planting-harvesting
• leaning about different local handicrafts, such as pottery and weaving
• Thai massage and yoga lessons
• playing traditional Isan games
• learn to play Isan musical instruments
• Mekong river rafting
• playing community sports like Mekong beach soccer, river-boat racing and aerobic dancing
Mekong rafting
• swimming in the Mekong River
• Thai Boxing classes
• National park trips and treks
• camping in the jungle
• meditation in a forest Temple
Thai Boxing