The homestay where you'll be staying has everthing you need for every day life. We also advice to bring some personal items to make your stay as pleasant as possible. As it comes to clothing, make sure you bring appropriate cloths with you. You'll be living in a Thai community and you'll be teaching at local, country side schools, so bring cloths that will cover your knies and shoulders.

Sunset Mekong

What to bring?
• Personal items – clothes, toiletries, medicines, etc
• Sports shoes, and clothes for outdoor activities
• Mosquito repellant containing DEET
• Swimsuit
• Hat, sunglasses and sunscreen
• Flashlight
• Some spending money for personal items
• Pictures of your family, friends, and country to share with local people

In the first day of your arrival Jack and Patricia will give you the orientation. They take you around the village and the town. We advise you to come in the weekends so you have time to get used to the house, the climate and the environment. On Monday you can start your orientation at the school. You can meet the teachers and the kids to discuss and prepare the lesson with the teacher. You will have one or two day prepare before you start.