Name : Harro Yestra
Age : 29 years old
From : The Netherlands
Period : January 2014, 2 weeks
Name : Iris Meijers
Age : 34 years old
From : The Netherlands
Period : January 2014, 2 weeks

We stayed two weeks at Isan survivor but we could have happily stayed two months or more. Our short stay was like a dream. It was a dream home far away from home. Jack and Patricia took us in their family from the first moment. Their hospitality had no limit and it was so fascinating to experience another culture, which is especially found in the small things like Jacks lovely moms cooking. The most tasteful meals come out of her simple kitchen.


At the first day we read the saying "except nothing and you will get more", well we received MUCH more than we expected! The Phonpisai area has got so many hidden beauties and we can say: we truly lived the rural Thai-lifestyle. Jack took us on the bicycle or tuktuk to many impressing temples and authentic villages and markets. We went true beautiful rice fields and watched the prettiest sunsets above the Mekong River. We could suddenly be invited to a birthday party or a traditional Isan wedding. Every day was a new adventure for us!


Together we worked at the primary school. The intense laughing with the kids, singing songs, their constant happiness, even though they live a simple life, is so heartwarming. After school, if not on 'tour' with Jack, we spent our free time together by cycling through the rice fields, having a drink along the Mekong or read a book in the hammock. Jack really inspired us to really enjoy every single moment and live more "mindful".


During our time at the primary school we worked with the kids on singing English songs and as the best highlight of our stay at Isan Survivor we performed these songs with a group of kids at the 'Laos-market' to do fundraising for the school. Our aim was to buy one table tennis table but we could afford two! People where so generous and the kids were so happy. These were one of the most heartwarming moments of our lives!