Name : José Boon
Age : 21 years old
From : the Netherlands
Period : September 2014, 1 month
Email : jose_boon@msn.com

My trip couldn’t have started better than 1 month with Isan Survivor. I think I never would have learned this much about the Thai culture and the way of life when I just travelled around. First of all you are in a really small village, so you can see how Thai people in the country side live. That also means you are one of the few falangs (people from the West) in the area which makes you basically a celebrity. Yep, it means a lot of waving and greeting when you’re on your bike or on the TukTuk with Jack and it will definitely give you a huge smile on your face.


Second, Jack is a really great story teller (true stories or fake ones out of a comic book, doesn’t matter). So he tells you a lot of things about the Thai culture or provides you background information when visiting the sculpture park in NongKhai.


The most fun party of my stay with Jack and Patricia were, of course, the children. Although I’m not a natural in playing with kids, it was really wonderful. You will instantly love the children and they will definitely adore you. The teachers are so extremely happy with you being there and are trying to teach you as much as possible about the Thai food, language and way of life

Group photo

One of the most special memories I have of teaching in Phonpisai was my last day at school. There was also a retirement party of one of the teachers. They called me to sit down on the floor with them and all the teachers and elderly of the village gave me their blessings to have a happy and fortunate life. This moment gave me goose bumps although it was 35 degrees.

Retirement party

Jack, Patricia and their family make you really feel at home. Telling how your day was at school during diner and discussing the differences between Thailand and the Netherlands. Thank you Jack and Patricia for this wonderful experience!

Goodbye dinner