Name : Laura Sleven
Age : 24 years old
From : The Nederlands

: August 2012, 6 weeks


Like more volunteers before me, I kept extending my stay a few times and so I ended up staying six weeks instead of the planned four. Why? Because everything: the schools, the children, the teachers, the village, the house and surroundings, the family and of course Jack & Patricia, is wonderful.

Korean BBQ

It's really a home away from home. On forehand I was a bit insecure about teaching for the first time, but this feeling disappeared in the first minute because all the kids love it so much that you come to teach them and that's what makes it a lot of fun. I went one week to primary Ban Khok School where the kids are super cute and the teachers real kind. I enjoyed playing with the kids a lot. After that I spend a few weeks teaching at the high school Chumphonphonphisai. I liked this even more (or maybe in a different way) because the 17-year-old kids just ask you anything and laugh a lot. Also I had a nice time with my teacher there.

Boat trip

Besides the teaching it was a great experience to stay at Jacks place. Phonphisai is a nice area with the rice fields and small villages and I spent many afternoons in the hammock near the pond. While bicycling you get a lot attention what makes the people wave at you with a big smile, I'm gonna miss that!

Cutting coconut

We also visited Nong Khai a few times, went to the beautiful Sculpture Park, took part in a ceremony where we gave food to the monks, celebrated Mother's Day at his family, joined a fundraising for a new temple and so on. This all becomes extra special with explanations from a real Thai Jack. His mother is a really good chef, so prepare to gain some weight. And I should not forget the warm welcome Fa, Foen and Uantung (their dogs)give you every time they see you. Thanks for everything (even for the new addiction of watching the series Lost)!