Name : Lisa Hoffmann
From : America
Period : May 2010, 1,5 week

Like many travellers, I found myself spanning the globe looking for something. What that something was had yet to be discovered on my journey in Thailand. Travelling “off the beaten path” was a bit of a challenge for me, until, I arrived at Isan Survivor. Jack and his contagious smile were there waiting for me at the bus station (even though the bus was late). There was a comforting feeling as I entered Jack’s home and conversed with the other volunteers. The energy there was nothing short of pure optimism. At that moment I knew I had found that ever elusive “something” that I had been searching for.

Eating Korean BBQ

The next morning we all had a delicious breakfast prepared by Jack’s mother, which was served up family style. Such a wonderful way to start the day! Then off to two different schools to teach. The children were so open to receiving knowledge, quite impressive. In just a few short days Jack had taken the time to show us local schools, restaurants, and Isan culture. Everything from diving of a Thai houseboat to pottery classes. If I wanted to “chill out” that was also available. Nothing like lounging and reading a book on upstairs patio It is apparent that Jack and Isan Survivor have become an intricate part of the community. Everyone in the area seems to know Jack, and they are proud of his accomplishments towards improving and continuing education in the community.

Teaching yoga

If you are searching for a meaningful and cultural travel experience, you will find it at Isan Survivor. Thank you Jack, for helping me to find that special “something” in Thailand!