Name : Marja Pieron
Age : 55 years old
From : The Netherlands
Period : January 2013, 1 month
Name : Margot Pieron
Age : 25 years old
From : The Netherlands
Period : January 2013, 6 weeks

As family together aunt and cousin we visited the organization and experienced a warm welcome at Jack’s family home. The food was amazing too!! During our visit we had our own bedroom and therefore some privacy.

With other volunteers from Belgium and Australia we had a great time together.


Teaching at primary and high school gave us so many grateful and warm reactions from the children and the teachers. By the time we left we received a certificate from the schools and a lot of presents from the children. The children were fond of us and we took their joy and smiles home with us in our hearts.


We did a fundraiser at the local market with all the volunteers and some volunteers kids from the local high school. We brought sport equipment, toys, pens and pencils for the schools we visited and we donated some baby clothes and a small amount money to the orphanage in Nong Khai. Jack Panasri took us around and showed us the beautiful scenery in his lovely country. By car he took us everywhere we needed to be.


After teaching we could rest a while and but mostly we biked through the rice fields and small villages in the area. Jack arranged a local fisherman boat to show us the Mekong River while enjoying the beautiful views. He took us shopping, we went to the milkshake bar to get some milkshakes and ice cream or he took us to the evening markets.


We look back at a unforgettable time and shared a lot of happiness together with all our new friends. Hope to meet you all some time again.