Name : Meggie Saleh
Age : 20 years old
From : The Netherlands
Period : February 2010, 4 weeks
Email :

My name is Meggie and I'm from Holland. I got to know about Isan Survivor when I met Patricia, who also had been teaching with Isan Survivor. After looking up some information about the organization, I decided to try it out.


What most appealed to me was the fact that it's a small organization and you get to stay in an village. My experiences with Jack and Isan Survior have been more than amazing. The children of the school, the teachers, the vibe and my fellow volunteers incredible. I loved my time at school, seeing those smiles and being able to encourage the children to speak English taught me how important I, as a single person, was for them.

Meggie & Grandfather

Jack and his family take you in under their wings and you'll find yourself hooked on the country life. I came here with a lot of enthusiasm, and I left the place with a family and unforgettable memories. If I was ought to give any advice, it would be the following: don't get your expectation high up (the English teaching system is different from Western methods), just enjoy the vibe of teaching in Thai countryside and live the moment.

Thus, this has been my experience with Jack's Isan Survivor and I hope that you will enjoy your time here as much as I did.

Cooking at the house