Experience authentic Thailand and true Isan

Do you want to immerse yourself in the rich yet often undiscovered culture of Isan, by participating in cultural and adventurous responsible tourism activities with our staff and local people, while volunteering in the area?

Isan Survivor

Isan Survivor is an organization, operating in Isan (North Eastern Thailand), which offers the opportunity to experience true Isan culture, by participating in many traditional recreations that can create friendships with the vivacious, loving, beautiful and kind people of this region. A placement in the local community will let you live and interact with the villagers.


Isan people are known far and wide for their unbeatable friendliness and hospitality- another aspect of their remarkable culture! The volunteers can return to their countries, not only with memories, but feeling truly influenced by the honesty and positivity which shines through in the Isan culture.

We provide the community with the opportunity to develop the skill of English in a supportive and pleasant environment, through interacting with our volunteers. We work closely with a number of local schools and adult education centres, also creating English camps and various learning activities, in order to reach out to a wide range of age groups.

Volunteer Teaching English in Thailand

Many primary and secondary schools in the local area are in need of volunteers who can speak English. The teachers greatly appreciate when native speakers, or just those familiar with English, can help teach kids how to speak English. Learning English gives Thai students greater opportunities for their future.


Therefore, part of the Isan Survivor program involves teaching kids skills that will help them “survive”. Volunteers will be placed in local schools where they can teach English, or other languages to eager school kids. Volunteers also have the option to teach basic computer skills, music, art, dance, etc. – whatever you would like to share with the local kids!


We work with children in the local public primary schools, the age of the children is between 6-12 years old at primary schools and at secondary schools, the age of the children is between 13-18 years old. The task for volunteer is teaching English and the main focus is to encourage the children to speak English. Thai people are really shy in the beginning, so what we do is try to break the wall, let them have fun with English by singing songs or playing games with them. We show them that it is not difficult to learn English.


Volunteers DO NOT have to be native English speakers or have previous teaching experience. We will teach you the basics and provide a teaching guide book. The students, who rarely see foreigners in their village, are always amazed and excited that international volunteers take time to teach them. Teaching English to the students is a positive experience for all those involved. We also have the teaching guide book. In the book you will find guidelines in teaching English to Thai children. We work on Monday to Friday, start at 9.00 till 12.00 am. If you'd like to work more, the schools can always use some extra help in the afternoon. In the morning it will be 2 or 3 hours of teaching, depending on the school.



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